Islamic Society of Ballarat was founded by Muslim residents living in and around Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The society's aim is to provide amenities to local Muslims to facilitate their Muslim way of life. 

Prayer Timings: Please see link below:

Friday Prayer:  12:30 PM



Eid Mubarak from Islamic Society of Ballarat 

InshAllah we have all had a blessed Ramadan and have rejuvenated our hearts and recharged our Iman for the next 12 months. May Allah accept all of our fasting and prayers.

As announced by the Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV) – we will celebrate and lead Eid al Fitr Prayers on Wednesday 6th July.

Wishing everybody a safe and joyful Eid.


Eid Prayers

Eid Prayers will be held at Mosque Abu-Bakr As Siddiq.

On Wednesday 6th July at 116 Elsworth Street East, Canadian 3350.

Prayers will inshallah commence at 8:00am.



The objectives for which the Society is established include to:

(a) Promote the teachings of the religion of Islam;

(b) Facilitate the acquisition of Islamic knowledge amongst all members of the
Ballarat community through the medium of the Holy Qur'an and the teachings
and traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him);

(c) Establish an Islamic community centre and mosque in the city of Ballarat, Victoria; and

(d) Encourage social and religious activities under the supervision of the Islamic
community centre, and to foster and promote good relations in an effort to
create a better understanding of the welfare and well-being of its members,
the larger Australian society and the world.

One of the major goal of this society is to construct the First Mosque in BallaratAlhamdulillah Masjid is ready and regular five times prayers and Juma prayer has been started since 24th May 2015.

For this virtuous endeavour, please donate generously. For more information about how to donate, please visit our donation section.

The society has been registered as an Incorporation and functions according to a constitution. The administrative committee runs the day-to-day business of the society and is elected every year by the members of the Islamic Society of Ballarat Inc.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of this Society, please visit our membership page.

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