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    Eligibility: You are a Member of Islamic Society of Ballarat Inc if:
    • You are a Muslim;
    • You are living, studying, or working in Greater Ballarat Region;
    • Administrative Committee approves your membership application; and
    • You pay the membership fee.
    To apply for membership: 

    Membership Fee

     Entrance fee Amount
     Ordinary         $100 AUD
     Student $50 AUD
     Annual Subscription Fee $40 AUD

    Membership Benefits: Members of Islamic Society of Ballarat Inc can:
    • Decide the future of the Society in Annual General Meeting through elections;
    • Become Committee member and run the affairs of the Society; and
    • Call a Special General Meeting as per rule 10(5) if an important issue needs to be raised.
    In addition to this, by becoming a member you help the cause of the Society with your membership fee.

    Islamic Society Ballarat,
    Oct 13, 2012, 4:50 PM