History of Society

The founding members of Islamic Society of Ballarat Dr Qaseem, Dr Ibrahim Sultan, Brother Nizam, Dr Monir ul Islam, Fahd Alizai, Bilal Munir and Dr Shahid set up a trust in Dr Qaseem's name in 2006 to collect money and to organise effort to build a Mosque in Ballarat. In 2008 Dr Bani Mustafa and Alkadiri played important role for ISB in the University

It took some time to write the constitution and the First AGM was held in 2009. Brother Kaseem Seedat(Lawyer) helped to rectify any legal matters. In this AGM, the constitution was finalized and the first committee was elected under the president ship of Dr Ibrahim Sultan.

Meanwhile brother Saeed Al Muharami worked for fund raising from UAE and other brothers.

With slow pace in 5 years till 2012 ISB people were able to sell the dream of Masjid and raise ISB finances to $98,000. 

In May 2012 a new committee was elected with Abdul Rahman Alkahlan ,Ihsan Ul Haq Bajwa Vice-President , Dr M. Saad Saleem Treasurer , Dr Shamsul HudaSecretary   Dr Shamsheer Syed, Saud Al Qurainee .  

This committee found out and purchase a suitable place in Canadian for Mosque in Sep 2012. Brother Ihsan Bajwa found the property and forwarded to Committee .Brother Abdul Rahman Alkahlan and Brother Faisel played leading role in fund raising.
In Total in 4 months about $1,62,000 was added in ISB account. 

In Sep 2012 Ihsan Ul Haq Bajwa was elected as President and Mehfooz Ahmed and Brother Arshad added in committee. 

Detailed Elevation Plan, Parking Plan and other plans for Mosque were finalized.
In May 2013 Planning Permit for place of worship was approved 
In Sept 2013 Building Permit was approved. 
In Feb 2014 Contract Signed and Construction for New Building for Mosque Started. 

In Apr 2014 Shamsul Huda  was elected as President and Nwaaf Al Qahtanee added in committee.

The new committee work on remaining tasks for masjid and got occupancy certificate from City Council
Alhamdulillah Masjid is ready and regular five times prayers and Juma prayer has been started since 24th May 2015.

In May 2015 Dr Ahmad Naqeeb was elected as President and Dr Faizan Zia Vice-President Faleh Abu Sabah Secretary and Sarfaraz Nawaz  Treasurer
The new committee is running the Masjid.