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Monthly Meeting - July 2012

posted Jul 5, 2012, 8:15 PM by Islamic Society Ballarat   [ updated Jul 12, 2012, 4:57 PM ]
Following issues were discussed during this meeting:

Placing a planning permit for house on Elsworth Street, Canadian (Instead of putting a planning permit for Sebastopol, Several Members including Br Shamsher advised to put Planning Permit for house on Elsworth Street)

Talk with MCCA for financing for Elsworth Street One (Br Shamsher is going to talk with them Inshallah)

Alternate options for financing:
o Take Personal Loan as (Karje Hasana ) from different Brothers in Melbourne and Ballarat for rest of the money if we can Buy for Elseworth Street (there is evidence that in Melbourne many Mosques have been built this way as Br Shamsher discussed with me)

Proposal of ways for repayment for Bank Loan (if we take loan from Bank)
o Rent it out to the market

Get permanent ISB membership FEE from Ballarat and Melbourne to pay repayment

Try to collect some more donation to reduce repayment

Talk with real estate for the above property

July 5, 2012