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Purchase of Masjid

posted Jul 12, 2012, 5:03 PM by Islamic Society Ballarat   [ updated Jul 12, 2012, 5:19 PM ]
This year after Annual General Meeting (AGM) ISB Commettee started searching different properties in ballarat and finally found the Elsworth street property suitable for masjid.

The features of the property that attracted us were following

1- Area: It is situated on more than 1200 square meter of land. Thats large enough for masjid. It is very difficult to find property on such big land so near to city.

4- Planning Permit: It is in industrial zone. The city council confirms that they will have no objection on converting it into place of worship. Furthermore, a brother has contacted city council himself and city council confirmed that this property doesn't need planning permit for place of worship. Planning Permit was a very big issue as we have been rejected couple of times by the city council due to Planning Permit Requirement.

3- Easy to Convert: It has four bed rooms and a big living area, although it is an old dwelling. With minor changes, we can get a big hall for prayer.

4- Parking : It is on a very wide road and lots of cars can be parked on road, a requirement for Juma' prayers. Furthermore the property design is very suitable for parking in its premises. Property premises can hopefully allow 20 to 30 car parks.

5- Large Extra Shedding: On property there is a very large shed that can be used for storage or food serving purpose or an extra hall.

6- Cost effective: Total Estimated cost = 196,000 (186,000 price and about 10,000 stamp duty , transfer , conveincer).
   After purchasing property we can make renovation with ease as funds will come.
   Other cheapest vacant land that we foud suitable, cost us about 175,000. 
         150,000 cost , 15,000 GST , 10,000 stamp duty , transfer , conveyancer
   We need further estimated 150,000 to 200,000 to build dwelling on vacant land.
   Total cost would jump to around  350,000 to 375,000.

7- Within five minutes to Ballarat CBD. 3.2 KM from city center.

Purchase process: As per the clause 20 of the constitution, the committee runs the affairs of the society. When the committee will authorize the transaction, the treasurer will release the funds as per clause 32(1a).

Please see property link:

May Allah give us guidance and strength in establishing the Mosque in Ballarat.

July 10, 2012