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Timeline for Reconstruction of Mosque

posted Nov 6, 2012, 5:06 PM by Islamic Society Ballarat
The Committee agreed in yesterday's meeting on the following timeline for the re-construction of the Mosque:
  • Amended Planning Permit application will be submitted by next week (a requirement for a new construction and to increase maximum number of people in the property from 35 to 100)
  • Within three to four weeks, a detailed elevation plan will be developed. 
  • After getting amended planning permit (60 days from council), we will apply for building permit.
  • 'Hopefull by the end of February, we will have the amended planning permit, the detailed elevation plan, and the building permit. These documents will be given to different builders for quotes.
  • All the above documents will be given to our prospective donors to fund the construction.
  • Jazakallah Khayren for all your support in the past and please pray to Allah Subhanau Ta'allah that the new Masjid would be ready before next Ramadhan. Insha'Allah!

November 6, 2012